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Creating an Avast Account

Avast Account is a portal where you can manage your paid Avast subscriptions. An Avast Account is not automatically created when you purchase an Avast product subscription. You need to create an account manually. However, if you create an Avast Account with the same email address used during your Avast product purchase, your subscription automatically appears in your Avast Account.

Create an Avast Account

  1. Go to and click Create an account. Alternatively, click Continue With Google or Continue With Facebook to use your existing account credentials.
  2. Type your email address, then click Continue. A success notification appears when your account is created, and a confirmation email is sent to the email address you provided.
  3. Check your email inbox for a new message from Avast with the subject line: Please verify your email address.
  4. Open the message and click the Verify Email link.
    If you are unable to open the verification link, refer to the following article:
  5. Enter a new password for your Avast Account, then click Continue.
  6. Click Continue To Account to go to the Avast Account portal.

Your Avast Account has been created. You are now ready to purchase and manage your Avast subscriptions and software via the Avast Account portal.

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