Retrieving a license from your Avast Account

You can retrieve your license for most products directly from your Avast Account when you log in with the email address that is connected to your purchase. This is useful if you want to activate your Avast product but cannot find your order confirmation email, or if the license file you received in your confirmation email is corrupted.

If you do not have an Avast Account, or if you have one but don't know the password, refer to the following articles:

Retrieve your Avast product license

  1. In your internet browser, go to, log into your Avast Account and click Your Licenses.
  2. Click Activation Code or Download License next to the product that you want to activate.

Your activation code appears directly on the screen. Your license file will be downloaded to the default downloads folder on your device.

To activate Avast products with an activation code or license file, refer to the following articles according to your operating system and product:

  • All available Avast software products
  • All supported operating systems

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