Installing Avast BreachGuard on Windows

Avast BreachGuard is a privacy application designed to help you maintain control of your personal information online.

Avast BreachGuard is a paid product that requires a subscription to use. This article contains instructions to install and activate Avast BreachGuard before performing initial application setup. This article also contains troubleshooting steps if you experience issues installing Avast BreachGuard.

Install and activate Avast BreachGuard

  1. Click the button below to download the Avast BreachGuard setup file, and save it in a familiar location on your PC (by default, all downloaded files are saved to your Downloads folder). Download Avast BreachGuard
  2. Right-click the downloaded setup file avast_breachguard_setup.exe and select Run as administrator from the context menu.
  3. If prompted for permission by the User Account Control dialog, click Yes.
If you are unable to authorize installation of Avast BreachGuard, refer to the following article for advice:
  1. Click Install Now on the welcome screen to begin installation.
  2. Wait while the Install Manager installs Avast BreachGuard on your PC.
  3. When the Connect to Avast Account screen appears, select the relevant tab:
    • Log In: If you already have an Avast Account, enter your existing login credentials and click Log In. If you have multiple Avast Accounts, ensure you enter the credentials that are linked to your Avast BreachGuard purchase.
    • Create Account: If you do not yet have an Avast Account, create one by entering the email address linked to your Avast BreachGuard purchase. Enter a password for your new Avast Account, then click Create Account.
You may need to verify the email address that you provide via the verification email from Avast with the subject Please verify your email address.

If your email address is associated with a valid Avast BreachGuard subscription, the application activates automatically. If Avast BreachGuard does not detect a valid subscription, you are prompted to activate the application using an activation code.

For detailed instructions to activate your Avast BreachGuard subscription, refer to the following article:

Avast BreachGuard is now installed and activated. If you are using Avast BreachGuard for the first time, follow the instructions in the sections below to perform initial application setup.

Set up Avast BreachGuard

Refer to the instructions in the sections below to start using the main Avast BreachGuard features and immediately start protecting your privacy online.

At any point during the setup process, you can click Skip for now in the bottom-right corner to move immediately to the next action. You are prompted to perform any skipped actions via the Avast BreachGuard dashboard after setup is complete.

Scan for vulnerable online accounts

Avast BreachGuard prompts you to enter your first monitored email address, and then scans for threats or vulnerabilities linked to your online accounts.

  1. Enter your primary email address into the text box.
You can enter additional email addresses after setting up the application.
  1. Specify your scanning preferences by selecting or deselecting the options below:
    • Scan passwords saved in my browser: Avast scans the passwords saved in all your web browsers and alerts you about passwords that are weak, reused, or leaked online.
    • Scan my browsing history and bookmarks: Avast scans the bookmarks and browsing history stored in all your web browsers and offers personalized tips to protect your online privacy based on the websites you frequently visit.
  2. Click Start Scan.

When the scan completes, you see one of the messages below:

  • Your personal information is at high-risk: One or more of your online accounts has been involved in a data breach. Click Show At-Risk Accounts to start safeguarding your online accounts.
  • Your online accounts are vulnerable: Avast BreachGuard has detected that your online accounts are vulnerable to future breaches. Click Show At-Risk Accounts to start safeguarding your online accounts.
  • We didn't find your information in any known breaches: Avast BreachGuard has not detected any threats or vulnerabilities relating to your online accounts. Click Continue to start preventing the sale of your personal data online.

Safeguard your vulnerable online accounts

After you scan for vulnerable accounts, follow the instructions below to resolve any detected threats:

We recommend you immediately resolve threats that are classified as High risk.
  1. Avast BreachGuard shows a list of your vulnerable or breached online accounts. You may see the following threat types:
    • Breached account (High Risk Threat): Hackers and thieves can access this account because the login credentials were leaked online.
    • Using breached password (High Risk Threat): This account is extremely vulnerable because the password was leaked online.
    • Weak password: This account is vulnerable because the password does not meet our safe password criteria.
    • Reused password: This account is vulnerable because the password is used to access more than one account.
  2. Click Show Details next to each listed service and follow the on-screen instructions to resolve the detected threats. For detailed instructions to resolve threats linked to your online accounts, refer to the following article:

When all threats and issues are resolved, click Continue to start preventing the sale of your personal data online.


Stop the sale of your personal data

This option is currently only available if you are in the USA, Canada, or Mexico. For more information, refer to the following article:

After you safeguard your online accounts, Avast BreachGuard immediately starts scanning for data brokers that may be storing and selling your personal information. When the scan completes, follow the instructions below to send data removal requests to all identified data brokers.

  1. Click See What They're Collecting.
  2. Review the information about different kinds of data brokers. Optionally, click Learn more to see additional details about the information collected by data collection companies. Then, click Start Removal Request.
  3. Enter all the required information in the removal request form, then click Send Request.
  4. If all data removal requests are sent successfully, click Continue to proceed with application setup.

If Avast is unable to send some of your data removal requests, refer to the following article for instructions to manage unsuccessful data removal requests:


Boost your online privacy

After you safeguard your online accounts and prevent the sale of your personal data, Avast BreachGuard immediately checks for privacy guides that may help you further boost your online privacy. Each of our privacy guides walks you through the necessary steps to successfully apply a recommended action and limit who has access to your personal data online.

To start using Avast BreachGuard privacy guides:

  1. Click Show Advice.
  2. Review the list of available privacy guides, then click Show Guide next to a recommendation you want to apply.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to apply the recommendation, then click Mark As Done so that Avast BreachGuard does not suggest this privacy guide again.
  4. Optionally, repeat the steps above to resolve each privacy guide.
  5. After marking all privacy guides as done, or skipping this section, click Continue on the confirmation screen that appears.
Once initial setup is complete, you can check for new privacy guides or revisit existing privacy guides via the Guides for your accounts section of the Avast BreachGuard dashboard.

Avast BreachGuard is now fully set up and ready to use.


If you experience any installation issues

  1. Ensure your PC meets the minimum system requirements below and your Windows is up to date.
  • Windows 10; Windows 8/8.1 except RT and Starter Edition (32 or 64-bit); Windows 7 SP1 or higher, any Edition (32 or 64-bit)
  • Windows fully compatible PC with Intel Pentium 4 / AMD Athlon 64 processor or above (must support SSE2 instructions)
  • 512 MB RAM or above
  • 100MB free space on the hard disk
  • Internet connection to download, activate, and use the application
  • Optimally standard screen resolution no less than 1024 x 768 pixels
  1. Check that the downloaded setup file is not corrupted. For instructions, refer to the following article:
  2. Restart your PC, and try again to install Avast BreachGuard by following the exact steps in this article.

If the issue persists, contact Avast Support.

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