Avast Threat Lab - File whitelisting

Avast file whitelisting is a service provided mainly to software developers to reduce the risk of false positive detections. A false positive is any clean file flagged as malicious.

How does file whitelisting work?

When you submit application files to the Avast Threat Lab, a group of analysts review the software for malicious or unwanted activity. Applications that are both free from malware and meet our guidelines for application transparency can be whitelisted.

If determined clean, the submitted file is moved to our set of approved files to ensure it is no longer flagged as malicious.

Vendors who sign their applications with digital signatures can apply for whitelisting via their digital signature. This type of whitelisting is provided to a limited number of digital signatures, and only if the software developer has a clean track record.

Avast reserves the right to refuse to whitelist any application.

Which types of files can I submit?

Submit files for which you have the authorization to request approval. Do not submit game hacks, cracks, keygens, or similar apps.

Upload only complete files. Partially uploaded or broken files and delta-update files won't be considered for analysis or whitelisting. If you submit multiple files, pack them to save space. We support most common packers, but prefer ZIP, Rar or 7z.

For information about compressing (or zipping) files, refer to the following article:

Avast reserves the right to erase any file you submit without notification.

How can I submit a file?

To submit files for whitelisting:

  1. Upload the file(s) via an FTP server or an Internet connected storage service.
    • FTP server: upload your files to the incoming folder on Avast's public FTP sever (ftp.avast.com). For information, refer to the following article:
    • Internet-connected storage: use any file hosting service that is accessible from the Internet with a reasonable download speed.
  2. Email the file to submit@virus.avast.com with the subject line "Files to whitelist - < NAME >", substituting < NAME > with the vendor name. Include a brief description of the submitted files and a link to third party storage or the file name used to upload the file to our FTP server. Include the password if the archives are password-protected, and do not add any attachments.
  3. Mobile samples must be provided with the SHA-256 of the attached .apk file(s) and the SHA-1 hash of the certificate.

You are notified when your file has been analyzed and whitelisted. If your file is rejected by our analyst, we won't provide an explanation as to why it was rejected.

What are the best practices for clean software?

For Avast's clean software guidelines, visit the article below:

Are uploaded samples confidential?

Uploaded files are only visible to Avast Threat Lab analysts.

Avast does not collect any personal information from files submitted for whitelisting. Avast reserves the right to share the uploaded samples with other security companies for research purposes, along with the information that the whitelisted samples are virus free.

  • All available Avast antivirus software
  • All supported operating systems

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