Installing Avast for Business with a Logon Script

Install Avast using a .bat as a logon script


1) Copy the text below and save as a .bat file.

2) Change the file location to reflect the location and name of the install file on your network. (\\server\install\avast_business_antivirus_setup.exe)

3) If you are not familiar with how to use a logon script with your domain, search the Microsoft web site for your domain controllers OS and how to use logon scripts.



The script below checks for the file bccinfo.dat and if it exist will abort the installation to prevent a reinstall each time the device logs on the network.



IF EXIST "c:\programdata\Avast Software\avast\bccinfo.dat" GOTO END



if exist %SystemRoot%\SysWOW64 goto 64-bit


echo "Avast Business Install" >

goto END




echo "Avast Business Install" >



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