How to Uninstall Avast Software


When switching from any other of our products to Avast For Business. We recommend using the following Avast Clear to ensure all of the existing software has been removed efficiently:


Sometimes it's not possible to uninstall Avast the standard way - using the Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features in Control Panel. In this case, you can use our uninstallation utility avastclear.

  1. Download avastclear.exe and run it.
  2. Select to either boot into safe mode or not.
  3. The 2nd window will either prompt to reboot now (if you chose to reboot into safe mode) or show the removal screen.
  4. After the boot into safe mode (if you selected not to you will see the the removal screen already) the Avastclear window will have a product dropdown, please select the correct product. The folders should default to the correct location.
  5. Select "Uninstall"Reboot.

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