How to Use Integrated SecureLine VPN in Avast Business Antivirus Pro Plus

It's very easy to set up in your settings templates, and equally as simple for users to get started right away. Here's how.

6 Steps total

Step 1: Create a new Settings Template (if desired)

After logging in to the Avast Business portal, you can create a new settings template for use on the devices on which you would like to enable SecureLine.

Note that if you already have a template set up with the Pro Plus license tier, it's likely that the SecureLine VPN feature is already set up and installed, so this step may not be necessary.

Step 2: Ensure that SecureLine VPN is enabled in your template

After the template has been created, check to ensure that SecureLine VPN is enabled. The GUI will notify you that a Pro Plus license tier is required for this feature. It should be enabled by default. You can also uninstall SecureLine VPN for the devices in this template if desired, but keep in mind this will uninstall the feature from ALL devices linked to the template and may require a reboot of those devices.

Step 3: Access SecureLine VPN from the Avast Business GUI

Now that SecureLine VPN is enabled and installed on the appropriate devices, have your user click on SecureLine VPN in their client GUI interface on their workstation.

Step 4: Choose Server Location for SecureLine VPN

Have the user select their desired server location using the "Change Location" button, if desired. Avast SecureLine VPN now offers 52 servers across 33 countries worldwide.

Step 5: Tweak other SecureLine VPN Settings

SecureLine has some additional settings, including automatically turning on the VPN when an unsecured Wi-Fi network is accessed, as well as whether to show the SecureLine status icon in the notifications tray.

Step 6: You and your user are good to go!

At this point, the user is ready to go with their SecureLine VPN service. The user will be notified when SecureLine is active, or when it is disabled.

Keep your remote and BYOD users safe when they're working remote with Avast SecureLine VPN. See below for further information and please feel free to reach out to us with any questions!

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