Avast Cleanup for Android - Getting Started

Avast Cleanup for Android is a mobile app designed to help you improve the performance of your device and preserve storage space by removing unnecessary media, files, apps, and app data. Remove these items by transferring them to a cloud storage account and/or deleting them from your device. In the case of photos, you can also optimize them to consume less space.

Refer to the sections in this article for instructions on using Avast Cleanup for Android.

Get started

After downloading and installing Avast Cleanup from Google Play Store, follow these steps to start using the app:

  1. Tap Get started.
  2. Tap Continue with ads, or tap Remove ads now to upgrade to the paid Avast Cleanup Pro version that doesn't display ads.
  3. Tap Allow to grant Avast Cleanup the access to your data.

Avast Cleanup is now configured and ready to use.

Navigate the Avast Cleanup interface

Open the app by tapping the Avast Cleanup icon on your device.

The Avast Cleanup interface comprises of the Device analysis button, four tiles representing the main options and the menu button.

  • Device Analysis: analyses your device and provides you with cleaning and optimizing tips for improving your device.
  • Boost Memory: stops the apps running in the background to free memory space.
  • Safe Clean: removes redundant files to free your storage space.
  • Optimize Photos: optimizes your photos to free more storage space.
  • Auto-cleaning (Avast Cleanup Pro only): allows you to activate automatic cleaning of your device by specifying the frequency, and the minimum amount of space you want to clean.

The main screen of the app also displays the menu icon in the top-left corner. The menu provides access to a range of cleaning and optimization tools, enables you to log into your Avast Account, and gives you access to the app settings.

Analyze your device

Device analysis checks your device for optimization issues and offers you to fix them.

  1. Tap the Device analysis button.
  2. Select tips to make your device clean and optimized.

Boost your device's memory

The Boost memory feature stops the background activity of your non-system apps to free memory space.

  1. Tap the Boost Memory tile.
  2. Tap Got it to confirm that you understand how the feature works.
  3. Tick the apps you want to close or use the default configuration. Then tap Boost RAM.

When the memory boost is complete, Avast Cleanup advises you of the amount of released memory space.

Perform the Safe Clean

The Safe Clean cleans your device by removing dispensable files to free your storage space. You can define the exact types of items that are cleaned in your Safe cleaning settings.

  1. Tap the Safe Clean tile.
  2. In the dialog that appears, tap Configure to specify what will be removed during this process, or tap Start cleaning to use the default settings.

When Safe clean is complete, Avast Cleanup advises you of the amount of cleaned space.

Optimize your photos

The Optimize Photos feature allows you to optimize your photos. Some images are deemed optimizable by Avast Cleanup because they can be resized to the size of your device screen to make them smaller and less space-consuming. Images that are already the same size as your device screen (for example, screenshots) or smaller are not optimizable.

  1. Tap the Optimize Photos tile.
  2. Tap Optimize to optimize all optimizable photos (they are ticked by default).
  3. Tap Connect to cloud storage to transfer originals to your preferred cloud service, or tap Delete originals to delete originals after the optimization.

Set Auto-cleaning (Avast Cleanup Pro only)

The Auto-cleaning feature available in Avast Cleanup Pro allows you to schedule the automatic cleaning of your device.

  1. Tap the Auto-cleaning tile.
  2. Tap the slider to enable the feature.
  3. Set the frequency, and the minimum amount of space you want to clean by tapping the dots above the numbers. You also can specify if you want to be notfied about cleaning by tapping the slider next to the Notify me when cleaning is option.

Automatic cleaning occurs as often as you set without you needing to activate it each time.

Manage apps, pictures, media and files

Avast Cleanup allows you to manage and organize your data to free your storage space.

Tap the menu icon at the top-left of the app interface, and select one of the categories to manage your data.

  • Apps: manage apps installed on your device.
    1. Tap Applications or App Data to open a display of the selected category on your device.
    2. Select one or more items or tap the menu icon and tap Select All.
    3. Tap the trash icon to permanently remove items from your device, or the menu icon (next to any individual item) for more options.
  • Pictures and Media & Files: manage your pictures, media, and files.
    1. Tick the items you want to manage or tap Select all
    2. Tap the three dots icon.
    3. Select your preferred action for selected item(s): optimize size, connect to cloud or remove from device.

Configure Avast Cleanup settings

To access the settings for Avast Cleanup:

  1. Tap the menu icon at the top-left of the app interface.
  2. Tap Settings.
  3. Tap a category to manage the related settings.

General Avast Cleanup settings:

  • Safe cleaning: turn ON Safe Clean Check if you want to check items before they are permanently removed from your device during a Safe Clean. Untick the types of items that you do not want Avast Cleanup to delete. Optionally, add a shortcut directly to the Safe Clean function from your device desktop.
  • Subscription: select and purchase your preferred Avast Cleanup Pro subscription type (monthly or yearly) or use a previously purchased license.
  • Notifications: tap each reminder or warning type and specify when you want to receive them.
  • Boost charging: enable the charging screen and specify how you want it to behave. These settings are only available in Avast Cleanup if Avast Mobile Security and Avast Battery Saver are not installed on your device. If all three apps are installed, manage these settings from Avast Battery Saver. If only Avast Cleanup and Avast Mobile Security are installed, manage these settings from Avast Mobile Security.
  • Cloud services: tap the Connect next to a cloud storage provider (Google Drive, Dropbox, or OneDrive) to connect to your account or create a new account. Turn ON the settings that you want to apply to your cloud transfers.
  • Memory Booster Check: turn OFF if you do not want to review apps before their background activity is stopped by the Boost Memory feature.

Avast Cleanup Pro settings:

  • Automatic cleaning: turn ON automatic cleaning so that you don't need to manually open the app and tap the Safe Clean button each time you want to clean your device. Set the frequency and minimum amount of space you want to clean each time.
  • Photo optimizer: customize the optimization of your images. For maximum optimization, set the size to Screen and the compression to Aggressive.
  • Remove ads: tap Remove ads to go through the steps to upgrade to a Avast Cleanup Pro subscription. After upgrading, this setting disappears, and you will no longer see ads in the app.

Paid settings are marked as Pro. If you do not already have a Avast Cleanup Pro subscription, tap Upgrade to proceed to the purchase screen.

Upgrade to Avast Cleanup Pro

Upgrade to the paid version of Avast Cleanup to unlock a range of advanced features.

  1. Tap Upgrade on the main screen of the app.
  2. Tick your preferred subscription plan (monthly or yearly) and tap Next. Then follow the on-screen instruction to complete the transaction.

After you complete the payment, the premium features of Avast Cleanup Pro are unlocked on your device. Your purchased subscription is valid across all devices connected to your Google account with Avast Cleanup installed.

  • Avast Cleanup 4.x for Android
  • Google Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean, API 16) or higher

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