Resolving a non-responsive Client page in Norman Endpoint Manager

While using Norman Endpoint Manager you my encounter an issue where nothing happens when clicking the warning/error indicator on the left side of the page, or that nothing in the Clients page works. This occurs because the Enhanced Security Configuration (ESC) feature is activate in Internet Explorer. This feature should be turned off unless there is a specific reason for it being turned on.

To turn off the Enhanced Security Configuration please follow the steps below:

Windows Server 2012

  1. Launch the Server Manager
  2. On the left side click on Local Server
  3. On the link next to IE Enhanced Security Configuration choose the option Off

Windows 2008

  1. Go to the Server Manager, normally by pressing the Start button and then Server Manager
  2. Under Server Summary you will find Security Information
  3. Click Configure IE ESE under Security Information on the right hand side
  4. Select Off for both Administrators and Users and click OK
Windows 2000 and Windows 2003
  1. Open the Control Panel
  2. Open Add or Remove Programs
  3. Select Add/Remove Windows Components
  4. In the presented list over Windows Components, find Internet Explorer Enhanced Security Configuration
  5. Unselect this feature and click Next
After following the steps above, your Clients page should become responsive and the warning/error indicators should work as normal.

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