Discovery of Clients in Norman Endpoint Manager

When you install Norman Endpoint Protection on a client device, the name of the client should appear in your Norman Endpoint Manager Console with its hostname in NetBios format. However, occasionally the client name will not appear in the console even though the installation has completed. 

In some cases the client will go to the Lost and Found until you assign it to the group, or may have a DNS name (depending on how it is registered in the Active directory or in the network settings). 

Data about a client is displayed in the following priority:
  1. Alias (set by administrator)
  2. DNS name
  3. NetBIOS name
  4. IP address

The NetBIOS names are reported by the passive discovery module. If a client is only known by its IP address (as a result of active discovery or manual entry, for example), it will be shown with its IP address until a reverse DNS lookup has been done (if enabled). 

If you do not see your client in the NEM console, search for it may be displayed in an alternate manner as described above.

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