Uninstalling Avast SecureLine VPN from Android

Depending on your Android device, the uninstallation process may vary. Instructions here refer to most Android devices running either Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 or earlier, or Jelly Bean 4.1 or later. If the general instructions detailed here do not work for your device, you can refer to your device's vendor support documentation.


  1. For Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 earlier, tap the Settings icon on the home screen of your device.
  2. Select Apps from the menu.
  3. Tap the Avast SecureLine VPN panel and select Uninstall. ...or for Android devices running Jelly Bean 4.1 or later, tap and hold the Avast SecureLine VPN icon on your device's home screen and select Uninstall.
  4. Tap OK to confirm.
  5. Avast SecureLine VPN is now uninstalled.

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